Battleborn Club Rules and Regulations

Conduct: Always present yourself in a polite, mature, and responsible manner when attending all EVENTS/SHOWS/GET TOGETHERS/MEETS. Refrain from any offensive language or actions at ANY events you decide to attend. Especially where children are present. Always drive to the best of your ability whether you at a meet with the club or by yourself. Please remember, once you display a decal, you’re not just representing yourself, you now represent the club and all members that belong to the club. When driving recklessly, that makes the club look bad. STREET RACING AND BURNOUTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND WILL LEAD TO IMMEDIATE TERMINATION! We want everyone to have fun and enjoy their time at SHOWS/EVENTS. Any negativity, aggression, or blatant trash talk about anyone, any other car club or any one’s build WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. We understand if you disagree or have different views with others, but we expect you to always be respectful & mature about your opinions. ALL members & prospects are ALWAYS expected to DRIVE SAFE!! (Especially at SHOWS/EVENTS where children will be present.) After joining the club, you will be Representing Battle Born Weather by yourself, rolling out to shows, or attending shows/events; reckless behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! ANY prospect or member not adhering to club "CODE OF CONDUCT" will be subject to warning, punishment, or removal from the club at the discretion of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS

This is a Judgement Free Club: Feel free to criticize all you want, in the comfort of your own home. Remember, we are ALL Car enthusiasts! We are all family!

New Members: ALL new members will have a "PROSPECT PERIOD" during this period prospects are not required but should attend MEETINGS/SHOWS/EVENTS/MEETS to prove their loyalty to the team/family. Members/prospects with stock vehicles will not be required to work on your vehicle if you haven't begun already. Just show passion we know not everyone is made of money but helping out and showing support is enough for us.

Attendance: All SHOWS/MEETINGS/TEAM EVENTS are not mandatory Those that attend will be rewarded for their loyalty. Good attendance at shows and events will be seen with rewards and obtain elite status.

Elite status member benefits:

  • 10% off merch.
  • Photoshoot priority.
  • Team trophy if won will be selected by president to an elite member who has helped out the most.
  • Club supported raffle will only be open to elite members where administration will put up an item to raffle with no cost to member.
  • Member supported raffle will be open to all team members and each ticket will be priced accordingly to the price of item being raffled off.

Car Qualifications: We have no minimum requirements in regard to appearance or modification. We always recommend you follow local laws when altering anything! We are here for the love and passion for cars and trucks. We want you regardless of the amount of money invested into your car or truck.

Duties: Be loyal to the family. Have fun.

President: Chaz Finch @zeus_excursion

Vice President: Dave Goldsmith @Kratos_6.7